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Most people are fine with our £10 charge and understand the reason for it, but we do have people question it, particularly when the goods value is below the £10 mark.

So you don't like our £10 (plus VAT) charge on all orders under £150? Neither do we actually. We'll tell you why at the end, so please go through these ramblings stage by stage.

If you cannot be bothered reading this through to the end, please don't ring up to argue about it!

First of all, please let us explain why we use this system. Say, for the sake of argument, you wish to buy 100 of our A5/PP/CH polypropylene card holders at £5.50 per 100, plus the £10, plus VAT. We will come to why we charge the £10 in a minute but, for the moment, please accept that we have to. Showing this £10 as 'carriage on all orders under £150 goods value' allows us to do away with a lot of separate price breaks, thus:


100 off = £15.50 + VAT, carriage paid

(£5.50 plus the £10)

200 off = £10.50 per 100 + VAT, carriage paid

(£5.50 + £5 - 12 of £10)

300 off = £8.84 per 100 + VAT, carriage paid

(£5.50 + £3.34 - approx. 13 of the £10)

400 off = £8.00 per 100 + VAT, carriage paid

(£5.50 + £2.50 - 14 of £10)  etc., etc.


So, if we were to express the deal as 100 of these products for £15.50 + VAT, carriage free, would you buy? Search the internet and see if you can get a better deal: If you can then fair enough, it's cost us nothing and we are, meanwhile, dealing with our many happy customers.

Now, this is where we think our way is fairer than many deals you will find. It is just not practical to list loads of price breaks for each product, so a lot of companies put the higher price to cover 100/200/300/400 etc., not giving any allowance if you buy, say 200. Also, they would work the same way for a second product, so you could buy this product at £15.50 + VAT and then another identically priced product at £15.50 + VAT, making £31.00 + VAT for the two.

With our method you could buy 100 A5/PP/CH for £5.50, plus another product at, say, £5.50, which comes to £11.00, plus the £10 (just one of them), totalling £21.00 plus the VAT. So, for multiple items in the same order, we are fairer from the start, but you only want the one item? Read on!

Okay, let's see how unreasonable we really are: Firstly we must admit that we are out of step with the modern world in that we do not let you order online. We have tried it, but feel that it is better for you to talk to a human being (well almost human) who can guide you through our products and make doubly sure that you are happy about what you are ordering. There is a description minefield that goes with this trade; pockets, sleeves, sheet protectors, covers, wallets, card holders, folders, files etc., all get used by different people for different things. There are also those that cannot work out exactly where the adhesive is on self-adhesive pockets, plus many other grey areas that we encounter daily. Now, we are not being clever or cocky; we probably don't know your trade and may well like help when buying items that are unfamiliar to us.

So, what does it cost to talk to this (almost) human being on the end of our telephone line? Let's assume that you are fairly sure of what you want and we exchange minimal pleasantries, you place your order, give us your address and card details etc., and the whole process takes five minutes. For the sake of argument, let us cost that five minutes at £2. On this basis, we could deal with a theoretical twelve of you in an hour (yes, we answer your calls irrespective of whether it's meant to be tea break!), and that would make £24 an hour. Believe us that £24 an hour does not go far towards wages (yes, even modest wages, not fat-cat style), premises, business rates, light and heat, insurance, national insurance etc., etc. - we could go on (okay, so we have gone on); but let's accept that five minutes costs £2.

So, you want to spend £5.50 on 100 of our A5/PP/CH. £5.50 less £2 makes £3.50. Hang on, they cost far more than that to make, store, etc., so there's an instant loss. This has to come from somewhere, so your £10 not only (in theory) pays for the carrier to deliver the goods, but for us to take and pack/label your order, provide an invoice, process your debit/credit card (and pay the card processing charges), or trot up to the bank with your cheque..........And you were not going to ask for them on account were you?
£15.50 plus VAT is starting to look like a bargain from where we sit!

Remember, all this assumes a five minute telephone call. Reality is, if you are not sure in any way about the product you require, it could easily be ten minutes. On top of this, if we still feel that you are not sounding 100% sure about the product, there is a good chance that we will post you a sample before you buy! Don't ask us to cost that please.

So, why don't WE like the £10 charge on small orders? Well, in truth, it's not enough. If we spent all our time taking small orders we would go broke, or the prices would have to be substantially higher. We would like to (and may yet do if we have much more aggro. about this) have a minimum order value of at least £50. This would be fine for most of our customers as we exist to deal with industry, where orders for our products are often in the 1,000s, 10,000s or 100,000s. It is these orders that allow us to sell you the odd 100 at £5.50 (whoops, nearly forgot the £10). Effectively, even with the £10, very small orders are being subsidised.*

It would be in OUR best business interests to have a minimum order value, but we know that many of our products are just not available elsewhere. So please, before you gripe about the £10 on small orders, remember that we will probably lose money on your order for £5.50's worth of goods. Don't give the voice on our end a hard time: If you don't like our system after reading this, it will cost us less if you buy elsewhere..............If you can!

And finally.....Please don't ask us to reduce the cost and just put your goods in a packet and send it in the post without a signature required. It is not going to happen because if it doesn't turn up then we would have to send another lot, and that would be our loss.........again.

Where we are aware of very small quantities of any of our products being available elsewhere, we provide a direct link adjacent to the product. Please note that we have no connection with any of these companies (other than supplying them with our products in bulk), and are not responsible in any way for their business.

* Update.
A minimum order value of £25.00 before VAT applies. This still means you only have to buy £15.00 of goods, plus the £10.00 (which you may not like, but it's not going to go away!).


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