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So please don't go away as we have done everything we can to make sure that most of our vast range remains available from other manufacturers.

In simple terms, if what you were buying from us before is made in Polypropylene it is likely that it is now available from Donside Pockets (My History Ltd, t/as) - SEE THE GREEN BOX BELOW.

If you were buying our PVC products then Plasart Ltd. is the manufacturer that has taken on many of them - SEE THE YELLOW BOX BELOW.

We have colour coded the product codes or product types on our individual pages to help you to the right future manufacturer:

Stock Frosted Polypropylene Ring Binders (A3, A4, A5, A6, A7 & American Quarto), Stock Frosted Polypropylene Document Boxes, Stock Punched Polypropylene Pockets, Polypropylene Card Holders, Polypropylene Self-Adhesive Pockets and Polypropylene Letterfiles. Now available from Donside Pockets (click for details).

Stock and Special PVC Ring Binders, Stock and Special PVC Pockets (with or without flap), PVC Tag Pockets, PVC Self-Adhesive Pockets (A3, A4, A5 & A6) and Funeral Card Presenters. These are available now from Plasart Ltd. (click for details).

Any other Stock PVC Products that are in the process of being transferred to Plasart Ltd. Please ring Plasart Ltd. on 01787 375641.

Any items carrying this colour are being deleted by us when current stocks are sold. Look for any notes on each item as we are often able to refer you to a new supplier. As we do not wish to leave customers without a supplier if we can help it. Please send us an email to and we will come back to you.


Take a general look around via the green buttons on the left or, if you have an idea what you are looking for, click on the quick links below:

Quick Links

Alternatively, if you know our product code, you can use our code tracking page for quick access to the correct product page.

RING BINDERS: All are stock items except as noted. We usually keep the stock flat and rivet in the mechanisms as required (may take a day or two).

A3 portrait frosted polyprop binders    A3 landscape frosted polyprop binders

A4 PVC presentation binders 

A4 frosted polyprop binders    A4 landscape frosted polyprop binders 

A5 frosted polyprop binders    A5 landscape frosted polyprop binders 

A5 PVC presentation binders (made to order only) 

A6 frosted polyprop binders

A7 frosted polyprop binders 

American Quarto frosted polyprop binders 

American Quarto PVC presentation binders 

Special/printed A4 PVC binders    Printed polypropylene binders 

Compressor Bars for ring binders

POCKETS FOR RING BINDERS: All are stock items.
A4/A6 PVC     Oversized A4 PVC    

Copysafe punched polypropylene pockets for A5, A4 and A3 portrait, A4 and A3 landscape, and oversized A4 portrait, also to hold ten business cards. 
These are stock items from Donside Pockets

American Quarto (letter size) punched pockets in copy safe polypropylene  These are stock items from Donside Pockets

Punched polypropylene ring binder pockets for CD/DVD storage  These are stock items from Donside Pockets

PRODUCTS FOR COMB/WIRE BINDING: All are stock items except pockets A3 overall.
Clear rigid PVC report covers A3 & A4    Frosted polypropylene report covers A3 & A4 

Pockets A5 overall     Pockets A4 overall     Pockets A3 overall    Pockets with binding margin (unpunched) to take A4 paper 

TAG POCKETS FOR SHOP DISPLAY (POINT OF SALE) OR STORES USE: All are stock items except outdoor display pockets.
Tag pockets A4/A6/A7    A4 Outdoor Display Pockets


A3/A4/A5/DL (1/3rd A4), PVC    A4 pocket with flap and strap    A4 pocket with flap

A5 pocket with flap    PVC pockets with margin (for punching) to take A4 

In polypropylene for standard A4,A5,A6 or A7 paper and business/credit cards  These are stock items from Donside Pockets

SELF-ADHESIVE POCKETS: All are stock items except 1/3rd A4.
Angular pockets left and right S/A     Diagonal corner pockets S/A 

Business/credit card size S/A     A3/A4/A5/A6/A7/DL 1/3rd A4 S/A    Expanding/gusseted A4 self-adhesive pockets.

Parking permit/floppy disc     CD/DVD pockets     Spine label pockets    Pockets with flap (memory card, USB memory stick etc.) 

CD & DVD POCKETS: All are stock items.  These are stock items from Donside Pockets

Punched CD/DVD Pockets with flap

Punched CD/DVD Pockets holds 2 discs

LETTERFILES/FOLDERS ETC:  These are stock items from Donside Pockets

Polypropylene letterfiles (stock item)    

A5 & A6 Document Boxes    

Document or Conference wallets


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