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Where can I purchase small quantities of your products?

Go to our small quantities page and see if your product is listed.


What is your cookie policy?

About 3.30pm with a cup of coffee.... or click here.


You insist that my credit card number should have 16 digits and I only have 12. Why is this?

You have your thumb over the last four! (Yes, it has happened).


How will VAT be applied to my order?

For a detailed explanation please click here.


I only want goods costing a few pounds and you want to charge me £10 carriage. I don't think that's fair.

For a detailed explanation please click here.


Where I can purchase a 4 hole punch for A5 paper?

We have found the Leitz adjustable multiple hole perforator with 6mm diameter punch.
LEITZ Ref 5114.  Search on the internet for your nearest stockist.


Is this your best price?

What numbhead trained you to ask this daft question? If we want your order it is our best price surely? If it is not our best price then maybe you have been here before and not paid our invoice promptly!


Do you offer a discount to the NHS? (or similar).

It costs us just as much to produce our products for the NHS (or other organisation) as it does to produce them for any other user. Our price structure is straightforward and competitive. We could inflate prices (like some others) and then give fantastic discounts to make you feel like you are getting a bargain, but we don't. The short answer is no.


Do you keep white A4 ring binders in stock?

We did do but due to our retirement you now need to contact Plasart Ltd. on 01787 375641


Can you supply printed binders?

For printed PVC binders please contact Plasart Ltd. on 01787 375641, for polypropylene binders please contact Donside Pockets on 01302 288960


Can you weld in litho printed paper sheets under clear plastic?

Please contact Plasart Ltd on 01787 375641


Is it possible to have different pockets added to the binders?

Please contact Plasart Ltd on 01787 375641


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