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Donside Plastics Welding Limited offer a wide range of stock products in both PVC and polypropylene. We try and offer unusual products, such as binders and pockets for American Quarto (letter), A3, A4 and A5 landscape and for A6, not commonly available elsewhere.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, it may be quicker to look down the 'Quick Links' section in the middle of the home page rather than go to the general Ring Binders or Other Products green buttons at the left of the screen.

How to Order

Punched Polypropylene Pockets, Polypropylene Card Holders, Frosted Polypropylene Ring Binders and Document Boxes, Polypropylene Self-Adhesive Pockets and Polypropylene Letterfiles.

These have now been transferred to Donside Pockets (My History Ltd, trading as) in Doncaster. Contact details are as follows:
Telephone: 01302 288960 - Please note we do not do plastic welding repairs
Email: Donside Pockets

The products now with Donside Pockets are:

Punched Pockets: GCP/A5, SGCP/A5, GCP/A4, SGCP/A4, PBF/A4, OS/A4, WGP/A4LB, SGCP/A4LB, WGP/A3, SGCP/A3, WGP/A3L, SGCP/A3LB, WGP/USQ, P10BC/A4, Certificate, SGCP/12x12. Donside Pockets have since added punched pockets to the range that hold four A6 cards or postcards.

Unpunched Pockets/Card Holders: A4/PP/CH, A5/PP/CH, A6/PP/CH, GCA6/PP/CH, A7/PP/CH, BC/PP/CH, A5/PP/CH/Red.

Letterfiles: EF/A4

Frosted Polypropylene Ring Binders in A6, A5, A4, A3 and American Quarto sizes, often in landscape as well as portrait format. A really comprehensive stock range in many ring capacities.

Frosted polypropylene Document Boxes: A5 and A6 sizes (various capacities) from stock, other sizes made.

Self-Adhesive Polypropylene Pockets: Business card, A7, various sizes for small cards, diagonal and angular pockets, small pockets with flap (for business cards or USB sticks) - All from stock. Just peel them off and stick them on almost any dry, smooth, grease-free surface.

All the above products are copy-safe polypropylene.
We have no remaining stock of these at Donside Plastics.

PVC Ring Binders, PVC Pockets, some PVC Self-Adhesive Pockets, PVC Tag Pockets, PVC Pockets With Flap, Funeral Flower Card Presenters and Special PVC Products.

These are (generally) now available from Plasart Ltd. in Sudbury (Suffolk). Contact details are as follows:

Telephone: 01787 375641

Please note that Plasart Ltd. do not work Friday afternoons and no goods will be despatched on Fridays.

All specially produced PVC binders/pockets/document wallets etc. - Please contact Plasart Ltd. and if you are a repeat customer then they will contact us for details of your previous orders (if not already held by them).

Stock products transferred are:

A4 White PVC Presentation Binders - These are now only made to order by Plasart Ltd.

A5 PVC Presentation Binders are also made by Plasart.

American Quarto White PVC Presentation Binders - Plasart Ltd. now have these in stock. There is a page for them on their website.

Stock PVC Pockets - BP/A4/UP, BP/A6/2H, OD/A5/UP, OD/A4/UP, PS/A3, PS/A5, PS/DL, PF/A4, PFS/A4, PF/A5 and Tag Pockets:
Many are still stock products from Plasart but minimum quantity may apply on some items.

Stock PVC Self-adhesive Pockets - Just the A3, A4, A5 and A6 PVC ones are available from stock but many other sizes can be made to order.

Funeral Flower Card Presenters - All covers, pockets and cords for these are now with Plasart Ltd. Blocking dies where applicable, are now held by them.


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