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If you know our code for the product you are seeking, just click on the start of the reference listed alphabetically below and you will be taken to the correct page.


90x60, 95x60, 100x100, 110x110 or 110x120  -  Self-adhesive pockets.

102x or 200x  -  Self-adhesive spine label pockets.


A3FP  -  A3 portrait frosted polypropylene ring binders.

A3LFP  -  A3 landscape frosted polypropylene ring binders.

A3L  -  A3 self-adhesive pockets, open long edge.

A3S  -  A3 self-adhesive pockets, open short edge.


A4FP  -  A4 Portrait frosted polypropylene ring binders.

A4LFP  -  A4 Landscape frosted polypropylene ring binders.

A4/PP/CH  -  A4 polyprop. card holder.

A4L  -  A4 Self-adhesive pocket, open long edge.

A4S  -  A4 Self-adhesive pocket, open short edge.

A4 White PVC Presentation Binders.  -  (No Codes).


A5CP  -  A5 Portrait glass clear polypropylene binders.

A5FDB  -  A5 frosted polypropylene document boxes.

A5FP  -  A5 portrait frosted polypropylene ring binders.

A5LFP  -  A5 landscape frosted polypropylene ring binders.

A5/PP/CH  -  A5 polyprop. card holder.

A5L  -  A5 self-adhesive pockets, open long side.

A5S  -  A5 self-adhesive pockets, open short side.

A5WP  -  A5 portrait white polypropylene ring binders.

A5 PVC presentation binders.  -  (No Codes).


A6BEP  -  A6 portrait blue polypropylene ring binders.

A6FDB  -  A6 frosted polypropylene document boxes.

A6FP or A6XFP  -  A6 portrait frosted polypropylene ring binders.

A6/PP/CH or GCA6/PP/CH  -  A6 polypropylene card holders.

A6L  -  Self-adhesive pockets, open long edge.

A6S  -  Self-adhesive pockets, open short edge.


A7FP  -  A7 portrait frosted polypropylene ring binders.

A7/PP/CH  -  A7 polypropylene card holders.


AFP or SAFP  -  Self-adhesive angular file pockets.


BC/PP/CH  -  Polypropylene card holders for business cards.

BP - Unpunched range  -  Clear PVC pockets with margin, A4 or A5 portrait.

BP - Punched range  -  Clear PVC pockets with margin, A4, A5 or A6 portrait.


CDNF  -  Self-adhesive pocket for CD, without flap.

CR240  -  A4 and A3 clear rigid PVC report covers.


DCP 50, 80, 120, 145 or 180  -  Self-adhesive PVC corner pockets.

DLS  -  Self-adhesive pocket for 13rd A4.


ECON 32, 75, 100, 120, 140, 170 or 210  -  Self-adhesive polypropylene corner pockets.

ECON 95x60 or 110x60  -  Self-adhesive pockets.

EF  -  A4 and A5 polypropylene letterfiles/flush cut folders.


FP  -  A3 and A4 frosted polypropylene report covers.


GCCDF  -  CD pockets with flap (not punched).

GCP  -  A5 or A4 glass clear punched polypropylene pockets.


LUX CDWF  -  Self-adhesive pocket for CD, with flap.


OD  -  Clear PVC pockets with unpunched binding margin, overall size A4 portrait, A5 portrait or A3 landscape.

OS  -  Extra wide A4 punched polypropylene pocket.


P10BC  -  Punched polypropylene pockets for 10 cards.

PBF  -  A4 punched polypropylene pocket open top and left.

PCD  -  Punched polypropylene pockets for CDs.

PFS  -  Clear PVC A4 pockets with flap and strap.

PP  -  Various self-adhesive polypropylene pockets, A7, A5, 80x105 and a selection with flaps.

PS  -  Clear PVC pockets open short edge, A3, A5 and 13rd A4.


SGCP  -  Superior quality glass clear punched polypropylene pockets, various 'A' paper sizes.

SHTP  -  Clear PVC tag pockets with small hole.


T323  -  Clear PVC pocket for 3 CDs (for comb or wire binding).

T1017  -  Oversized A4 punched PVC pockets, diagonally cut front.

TP or TPL  -  Clear PVC tag pockets.


USQFP  -  American Quarto frosted polypropylene ring binders.

USQPB  -  American Quarto white PVC presentation binders.


WCB/80  -  Compressor bars for 'D' ring binders.

WDS/A5  -  A5 divider sets in white polypropylene.

WGP  -  Range of punched polypropylene pockets for 'A' paper sizes and American letter/quarto.


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